Technical SEO

Ensure your site plays by Google’s rules
Technical SEO builds a strong foundation for the usability and visibility of your site within search engines

When it comes to web visibility, every business should be aware of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Our approach is very much a numbers game. We audit and research ahead of making any assumptions or decisions.
Our focus is on what we know, the technical aspects of how a site has been put together. We look at a large range of aspects each of which forms the complex tapestry of variables relevant to your site’s authority in the eyes of the search engines.


Technical SEO Consultancy Agency

Technical SEO Consultancy

More often than not we are brought in to review and advise on existing websites who have developers in place already. Our own development strengths mean we not only make recommendations for improvement but can also communicate these in detail to your technical team.

Google Tag Manager Consultancy

Technical SEO Audit & Health-check

We start most projects with a full review resulting in a detailed report on each aspect of on-site search engine optimisation and how it appears to the outside world.

Our analytics strengths are applied to get a better understanding on other impacting aspects to produce a wide reaching view of a sites implementation and search engine performance.

Technical SEO Website Migration

Website Migration

When making significant structural changes or switching to another domain, SEO consideration is critical. Understudying the effects of a move and how to mitigate any disruption is paramount to maintaining the authority (often built up over years) of a website.

Use us to work with your technical team to produce a detailed plan of actionable points to follow when undergoing this process. This should smooth the way and protect against any of the ill effects that can so often be overlooked when focus is primarily on the move itself.

Why choose Uprated?
Extensive Experience

The variation and years of experience amongst the team ensure we take a cross-discipline, considered approach to Technical SEO, yiedling measurable results.

Measured Results

Analytics is in our nature, we don’t fire and forget, we like to prove the success of the solution we deliver.

On-going Support

Even the best designed websites need maintenance, with broken links, 404 pages, and redirect chains building up over time. Our on-going support will keep your website in order, catching problems as they arise and solving them in the most efficient way.

Our Process

Our team are not only highly capable of diagnosing detailed technical issues, but also closing the loop by providing pragmatic and commercially-focused advice and solutions to address them.

Technical Fixes
Gain Technical SEO Confidence
Ensure your site plays by Google’s rules

Maintain and improve organic rankings with our Technical SEO Audits, Consultancy and Migration Services. Contact us to find out more.

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