User Experience

The user's journey should be smooth and enjoyable. If your website's primary goal is impeded by poor design, then it wont be reaching its potential.
Don’t make visitors think

Taking away unnecessary decisions, distractions or convoluted steps in the path of your users goals yields better results. These simple concepts are born of a true understanding of usability – what makes something a more usable interface than another?

  • User research
  • Planning & design
  • Wire-framing
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Reports
  • Implementation
  • Insight capture

Good design is the product of great planning

The key to delievering a seamless User Experience (UX) is to understand user requirements and in turn their desired goals when visiting your website.This knowledge should guide the decisions made around design, navigation and what to measure to ensure success.

User experience consideration
Route One

A clearest and quick path to your primary goal, without loosing the important information.


What motivates your audience to do what they do?


What functionality is required to allow users to complete their journey?


Being clear in the goal, and making that goal accessible.

Know your audience

There is little point building your big project without first understanding who will use it. User experience is about creating the best possible interface for your users. In other words, knowing who your users are is key to creating the best experience.

Case study
New journeys for University students

A complete overhaul of the London Metropolitan University website, to make it easier for site visitors to find their way about, and introducing a new way to search for courses.

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Case study
A new information hub for London Social Workers

A project for the North East London Social Work Partnership, to enable existing or aspiring social workers to easily find the right information based on their chosen path.

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