Labelzone – PPC Performance, Conversions & ROI

Specialist PPC Campaign Management, driving a +20% increase in revenue for Labelzone
The Objective
Labelzone approached Uprated to assist with the management and optimisation of their Google Ads campaigns.

The company have been using PPC advertising since 2003 but the account was starting to spiral out of control with over 11,000 ad groups and 30,000 adverts! The first task they set was to perform a PPC Audit of the account and identify areas that we could improve.

Account Audit & Re-Structure
Delivering a full PPC audit

Duplicate keywords were driving up the monthly budget and a lot of top performing keywords had been paused/removed from the account.

With over 12 years of historical data, we could get an in-depth understanding of previous campaign performance, what had converted well in the past, and what was currently performing.

Uprated were able to immediately resolve some issues and quickly improve account performance.

Initially duplicate data was reviewed before being removed and we implemented a new automated bidding strategy to manage the number of ad groups and data in the account.

Campaigns were broken down and new ad groups were created to help allocate more budget into top performing products growing conversions and revenue from the first comparative month.

The Results
+20% Increase in Revenue

Uprated drove a +20% increase in revenue within 2 months of beginning campaign management

+140% Google Shopping Conversion Increase

Conversion increased by over 140% for Google Shopping campaigns, helping to drive revenue and ROI

31% Increase in Mobile & Tablet Revenue

Mobile and Tablet revenue increased 31% month on month

+260% Increase in Revenue from Remarketing

Google Display & Remarketing conversions increased 260% month on month

The future
Continued digital growth

Since managing the Google Ads account we have worked with the client to launch new products, improve their remarketing campaigns and identify new opportunities for their Google Shopping campaigns. As a Google Partner, we can push new features to our clients and help them stay one step ahead of the competition with new methods of marketing.

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