Brakeburn – High tide results, for laid-back fashion

+72% YoY increase in revenue from Paid Media
Getting Started
Partnering with an iconic coastal fashion brand
Brakeburn designs timeless fashion inspired by Dorset’s coastal beauty and laid back lifestyle

To ripple their digital reach further, we crafted a Paid Media Strategy, launching highly targeted PPC & Paid Social Campaigns to grow their e-commerce channel and scale up their digital presence.

Brakeburn believe quality and longevity are the key ingredients to creating a sustainable fashion industry – and we believe the same for digital marketing and online sales.

From gearing up their Google Ads before Black Friday to supporting their transition into e-commerce – we lead with brand consistency, exploring new customer landscapes and tailoring just the right audience for them.

Optimisation, channel expansion and online/store strategy

Uprated strategy and tactics

We began by optimising Brakeburn’s Paid Media strategy to roll out their new collections and promotions.

To add new revenue channels, we optimised Brakeburn for Google Shopping and shaped their brand and non-brand strategies just before re-launching paid social campaigns that supported the opening of their first store in Poole.  

These days, we continue making waves for their latest collections and sharing their love for the natural beauty of the Jurassic Coast.

Notable Results
Making Waves
Driving Discovery & Customer Aquisition

Our first year working together helped Brakeburn significantly increase their Google Ads performance with their Google Ad sales increasing by +67% and overall revenue rising to +72%.

Moving forward, we’ve focused heavily on discovery and customer acquisition. Optimising their campaigns, finding new audiences and targeting those that love a laidback look.  

On the social front, our ROAS focused strategy has helped increase their marketing ROI. By optimising their Facebook catalogue and strengthening e-commerce based ads showing off their latest collections, we scaled their transactions by +206%, overall revenue by +285% and YOY by +72%.

Delivering Incredible ROAS
+72% in revenue from Paid Media

Uprated grew revenue from Paid Media campaigns by 67% in the first year, rising to an average of +72% in the following years.

Record ROAS

Our ROAS focused strategy has driven significant ROI, often exceeding 10X ROAS

+206% increase in transactions

By optimising Brakeburn’s Facebook catalogue and e-commerce collection campaigns, we scaled their transactions by +206%

+285% in revenue

Enhancements to audience targeting and our test and learn approach, enabled us to deliver significant YoY growth for Brakeburn.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
From Brakeburn
“We look forward to growing with their support”

“I very much appreciate Uprated’s style of working. There is no ego, just action. Delivered in a confident and collaborative way. Always ready to listen and adapt and to suit our style and needs. We also, quite simply, just like them. We look forward to growing with their support.”

Paul Blue – Chief Financial Officer

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