London Metropolitan University – Using insight to evolve a user-centric website

Using our extensive experience in the education sector to deliver improved UX, design and development for London Metropolitan University
The challenge
A new approach to content structure and usability while appearing fresh and engaging

As with any experience-led project, we began by researching usage and behaviour of the existing user base. Heat-maps, user surveys and developing student and staff personas with the marketing team allowed us to plan a phased approach to redesigning the website.

Design in practice
Interactive prototypes helped develop the overall language of the design

Once the overall style and aesthetic of the initial design work was signed-off, next came the many different content-types and components that would need to be updated for launch.

Utilising defined sprints for design and build, the components of the website were then delivered to the different teams, for implementation.

Determined Sprints
Restructure and redesign the ever critical navigation

Through a combination of research and various stakeholder interests, we decided a “Priority+” approach to the navigation system was the best way forward.

This meant that we could prioritise important navigation links with a responsive menu that adjusted depending on the screen size and most importantly; avoid that pesky mobile menu icon!

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Decisive Planning
The direction of the design was agreed

A further user journey review was used to identify which parts of the website were most important to focus the project; a website of this size was going to be impossible to redesign every aspect individually.

The priorities identified were search, navigation and accessibility.

Testing Accessibility
Being a large, diverse university, the design and build had an important obligation towards accessibility

We had to test and review every section with the university’s staff to ensure that we were being as inclusive as possible while still maintaining the overall brand.

The Results
+131% in users requesting an online prospectus

The university saw a singificant increase in users requesting a personalised prospectus on the new website.

+14% increase in live chat

Improvements in design and prominence of contact options saw a positive increase of students use the live chat service offered on the website.

+12% of users clicking to apply to courses with UCAS

The university noted a positive increase in users clicking to apply to UCAS courses featured on the website, a key metric for student recruitment.

+13% of users clicking to apply directly to courses

The new website also delivered notable improvements in prospective students clicking to apply directly to the university.

Packaged & Delivered
By utilising a digital library of design components, with a style guide, we delivered the front-end in stages

Ensuring that consistency was retained throughout. Additionally, it gives a reference to their internal developers for future amends, and safeguards the design and branding.
View the finished website by visiting –

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