Homepride Flour – Raising engagement across social channels

+258% increase in overall engagement across social channels
The Brief
Partnering with Great Britain’s most iconic baking brands
Homepride Flour approached us to increase consideration, awareness and audience growth via social media management

A tough-cookie team that carries the legacy of ‘Great British Baking since 1964’ knows how important it is to move with the times, adapt to ever changing marketing trends and connect to their audience in authentic ways – in this case: Organic Social Media.

The team at Homepride Baking knew they needed to develop their social media channels to support their brand and community growth. They reached out to us in hopes of finding an agency that would understand their goals, map out creative ways to achieve them and deliver results that would make a difference. 

We help Homepride whisk up creative ideas that make people notice their stripes and maintain their reputation as a household name. #BakeWithHomepride

The Process

Taking the reins of the Homepride Baking social media channels, we began laying strong foundations by establishing their goals and creating engaging concepts. Keeping the traditional brand at the forefront, we supported Homepride Baking by implementing strategic schedules and attention-grabbing content creation. 

Our collaborations with bake-worthy influencers like Kenwood, Nestle, Emma Bridgewater and Mason Cash along with Great British Bake Off contestants supported Homepride Baking’s credibility and versatility. To further humanise their brand, we took over their community management which allowed us to be their brand guardians and speak to their audience – inevitably improving their customer service and experience.

We broadened their reach and community by optimising their channels through hashtag research, competition incentives and high-value content that inspires a bake. 

Check them out @homepridebaking

The Results
Valuing Homepride Baking products
Connecting to their audience

When creating the recipe for Homepride Baking’s social media strategy, we considered their reputation as the leading home baking brand in the UK. Naturally, we focused on connecting with their community of novice, expert and everything-in-between bakers. 

Connecting to their audience in authentic ways by creating engaging content encouraged their channels to grow organically through collaborations, user generated content and attentive community management. This created a supportive following that values Homepride Baking products and supports their brand by engaging with it online, or in a kitchen.

From the Homepride Baking team


‘They are like an extra employee (or two) who understands our business, our goals and our priorities. I know they love and nurture our brand as much as I do and they are a brilliant creative resource. The results we have seen with our organic social marketing are exceptional.’ – Julia, Brand Manager

The Numbers
+41% in overall impressions

+54.5% increase in Instagram followers

+142.5% increase in video views (general)

+602.9% increase in video views (Instagram)

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