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A new look for NELTP

The existing web presence of the North East London Social Work Teacher partnership was underperforming in it’s need to service a growing community of social care practitioners and students.

Uprated were approached to give the online organisation a more contemporary look and feel that would build confidence across the user base, and more clearly communicate their purpose to direct those within this specialist sector. To this end, new brand styles and website we developed.


Neltp website banner

Wireframe and design
Translating plans into practice

All our design and development projects take a researched and considered approach. Decisions are made based upon leanring about the client organisation, looking at existing user data and wireframe planning based upon the knowledge gained.

In the case of NELTP, Uprated took cues from a team of project leaders at the organisation, combining this with our experience within education and our wider digital expertise to develop a web presence that exactly met the requirements.

User journeys
Not everyone has the same needs

Through use of a questionnaire and various discussions with NELTP staff, Uprated gained a deeper understanding of who would use the website.

It became apparent that there were three very distinct types of users, and each would require a different journey to meet their needs.

The final site design reflects this with clear ‘call to actions’ on the home page directing the core audiences to information their is most relevant to them.

View the new website for the North East London Teaching Partnership here –


User journey neltp

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